Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A year in review

Can you believe that 2010 is almost over? I for one am a little bit glad, looking back 2010 really wasn't that great of a year, my apartment got broken into in March, I had my wisdom teeth out in July and had a ton of complications from that,we were pretty much broke and I some how managed to gain 5 pounds.

So here is to 2011 ! I am hoping that it will be a great year. However here is our recap of the so so year of 2010

Kurtis got into Law School yay! And he is doing really well. Not to brag but my husband is a smarty pants. He also made a lot of new friends and played a ton of Volleyball. He spent a few months working as a subsute teacher in Fresno and Central unified school districts.He turned 25 in August and learned to make some yummy fried rice.

Me- I worked very hard this year at the Box Office and at 2nd Space, I served as a Beehive advisor which was pretty awesome. I got bangs! We moved to Fullerton and I got a job at Disneyland and made a lot of new friends, I decided to go back to school become rich and move to Newport Beach one day. I started crafting and finally learned how to change a tire go me!

Audrey- Audrey spent the year living the good life- she ate 10 bags of extra large dog food, 3 whole chickens, 2 bags of chocolate chips, 1 loaf of French bread, 1 loaf of sourdough, 1 apple pie and 1 pan of brownies. She enjoys running around the park and laying on clean clothes, but we love her tons.

Well that's our year here's to an amazing 2011

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