Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tell me how you really feel

Mother's Day make's me a little cranky, I think it's because I don't have children and want them. Or that everyone forgets all the mothering I do for other peoples children...or it could be that this drug is making me a little crazy and pretty hormonal. Or maybe it is because of the doom that is taking place on Wednesday.

The big 25 is here, and before you start saying that "oh its not a big deal you are still so young." But really folks here is the thing, I feel like I am going to die on Wednesday, like now its time to finally grow up and be an adult. I feel like I should have accomplished so much more by 25, or that I am getting closer to 30 which is freaking me out

This picture is actually from when I was 21, and not actually on my birthday but the look of enthusiasm on my face tells you how I feel about turning 25.

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