Sunday, June 5, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Have you watched the show Extreme couponing? its 2 parts freaky and 1 part awesome/inspiring. Okay I take that back it is mostly just creepy. The few times Kurtis and I have watched it we have been amazed at two things 1. that people can save that much money, and 2. what do they do with all of that stuff?

So we have been a little inspired, we started getting the Sunday paper so we can clip those coupons,I have been printing them out online and doing swag bucks.

So far we have been saving an average of 30% on our grocery bill but I would really like to be able to get it up to 50%.

On our last target trip we ended up saving about $30 and because of certain items that I bought I was able to get two $5.00 gift cards.

Huzzah for coupons!


  1. I'm so jealous!!! You go girl!! i have tried to coupon, but it's hard. I've saved $100 on a grocery bill (It ended up being like 50%) but that was after like a day of preparing.

  2. hey, I watched that show too and had the same reaction! But I thought...if I can save on what I am already buying...why not. I have known about this website for a while but never sat and went through it. I hope it helps you get to your %50!