Monday, February 13, 2012

What's happening

There has been a lot of things happening down here at the Urien nest. The mostly involve work and more work.

For reals man I have been working at least 40 hours well really more like 45or 50 if you include the time I've been putting in at home. This Our California Story thing has been kicking my butt, and I LOVE it. I am so proud to be working with amazing people and sharing the passion that I have for the place I work with current employees and new hires.

I also have been cooking a lot more then usual food posts to follow, and in the last two weeks I have gone running with Audrey four times. To be honest I never was all that excited about running and I never felt like I could really hack it. But two weeks ago after a crazy 5:am start time work day, I came home and thought to myself "hey I think I might like to go running." So I did and it was fun. And now whenever I get the idea that I might like to go running I lace up my shoes and just go and it feels great.

Kurtis and I also took a giant leap into the 21 century and got smart phones, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and it is pretty awesome, and we got them for free. And any minute my new couch will be here, so i can finally have people over and they can sit. I'm thinking maybe a party....

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  1. Exciting you got new phones and can't wait to see pics of the food you've been making...yum... and of course you must post pics of the new couch! Sounds like you're staying crazy busy! Sure miss ya!