Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Living Room

Last Saturday I drove my self over to the Home Depot to buy some paint, tape, paper, rollers and all of the other usual necessities for painting. I then came home and created this masterpiece!

Picture Gallery style a la Pottery Barn

Blurry picture of shelf with wedding candle holders

I know that my sofa looks a little worn; and truthfully it is but it is so comfy cozy, and I love that the slipcover only costs $11.00

And last but not least... these are not part of the decor but I felt it was important to document all of the books that Kurtis takes to school with him.

I am really not a painter and also I'm not that crafty though I would love to be. But I felt like I did a pretty good job. And to make it even better Kurtis really likes the color. So much actually that we have also painted our dinning area the same color. Pictures to follow later.

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