Monday, October 4, 2010

Team Disney

Well I had my first day of attraction training on Friday, and so far so good. I am working in the Disney Animation building in California Adventure, but I will also be working World of Color and probably will learn some other rides in the next few months.

Things that I am loving: All of the cute kids, and they are so sweet. I love that I get to call the little girls "Princess" . I love that I will be able to watch World of Color a lot, that show is just amaze balls. However, it would be even better if Kurtis was with me because that show just ends better with a Kiss. One of my managers likes to pass the time by teaching us magic tricks which I think is pretty cool.

Things that I'm not lovin- Well its really just one. My "costume" I don't know if I can post pictures because I could get fired or sued by some Disney Lawyer for copyright infringement. Folks, really this girl does not look good in "Mom Pants." I know that there are some people who can pull off that look but people with "Child Bearin' hips" like yours truly really look awful in them. So I am counting down the days when I can start wearing my World Of Color outfit (3 work days) which is much more flattering.

Peace Out

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