Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When someone great...

Someone great died today.

Someone great dies every day I am sure.

She was my boss (sort of) but more then that she was a Fresno Theater Hero, and directed me in many shows. She was the one who called me with the news that I had been cast in my first show "Sugar Babies."

We shared many bags of popcorn together .

She taught me how to act. She was outlandish, funny, and for many years kept Good Company Players in the red from her own pocket. She told me to Keep my maiden name because "With a name like Whitney Marie Lafon I didn't need to have talent. My name would look so good on the marque ." and another favorite quote, "you look surprisingly good as a blond."

Nancy gave notes after every show. Even after the final show because "you might play the part again."

Nancy never had any children of her own,but I think that she saw each show as a family, she was our mother of course, she guided us taught us and encouraged us and even protected us. She always wanted what was best for her show. She loved us all and we loved her.

Nancy had an illness that was slowly turning her into stone-literally. She was finally was forced to retire a little over a year ago. She could not type and she could not direct because she could not give notes anymore. What I wouldn't give for one more Nancy note!

But I know that when the current shows start this week, they will be dedicated to her, because in this business, this show business that she loved so much, we will go on with the show.

Photo from the cast of Detective Story Summer 2003. Nancy is the one setting next to a 17 year old Whit.

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