Monday, November 29, 2010

Talking turkey

We made a quick trip home for the Thanksgiving holiday. We almost didn't make it, Kurtis took a wrong turn and we almost ended up in Vegas (which would have been fun to.) But we did make it home.

Thursday morning my mama and I went for bagels and made cookies and K. played volleyball with his brothers and friends. We then headed over to Keith and Terri's house (also known as K1) where we had amazing food and I got to hang out with my cutie pie nephews Kaden and Kolten (K's 5 &6)

We ate, the girls went to see Tangled which was a lot of fun. We even did a little black Friday shopping. Unfortunately we were only there for about 48 hours so we did not get to see everyone (no cuddles from the super nieces Elle and Teagan ) and I didn't get to stop by the box office and hang out.

But I did get lots of cuddles with my newest nephew Baby Micha who is the sweet baby boy of my good friends Liz and Mitch, luckily this little guy is coming to visit me next week. I am so excited.

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