Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this

Have you heard about Broadway's newest musical that will soon tap dance it's way into your heart? It's no other then God's favorite musical ! The Book of Mormon. It was created by every one's favorite writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creators of South Park.

I wish I was kidding.

I'm a musical person, but I am also a Mormon. I can appreciate a good Mormon joke every once and awhile. Heck I can even appreciate South Park, not that I watch it all the time (but my husband does.) However, the idea of this musical makes me a little uncomfortable.

In an interview that they did with Vogue Magazine Parker and Stone said “Mormons are so Disney and Rodgers & Hammerstein to begin with that it makes perfect sense for them to break into song,” Parker says. “That’s why, in many ways, this feels like a traditional musical. You’re being cheesy and corny and all—but that’s who Mormons naturally are.”

This is not the first time that Parker and Stone have written about the LDS religion. In fact in the world of South Park it is actually shown in a positive light. Mormons are often shown as slightly stupid but overall really friendly and nice. And even in a scene that depicts a catholic a baptist and other religious people "Satan" tells them that "the Mormon's got it right."

The musical is co written by a brilliant playwright who created the musical "Avenue Q" which I have sometimes described as an "adult Sesame Street." Which is a musical that I really enjoy (though I might not invite my Bishop to come see it with me.)

The plot of The BofM-the musical follows two Elders who are sent to Uganda, their dealings with teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor, people fighting AIDS and starving.This seems like it might be a great story, because this is something that all missionaries struggle with. This is something that my own husband struggled with while serving in Croatia a country that is still recovering from a terrible war. How can you explain to someone that the Lord loves them and has a plan for them when they are starving, rebuilding their homes and coming to terms with mass genocide?

I'm sure that this musical will do great, heck I will even wager that it will win a Tony. Does this mean that the LDS church has finally be accepted now that popular culture has embraced us. After all this could turn out to be our very own twisted version of Fiddler On The Roof. Maybe some people will see this musical and end up wondering more about our church, and find out for themselves what we really believe.

"We love musicals, and we love Mormons,” Parker says. “I think if any Mormons come and stay all the way through, they’ll end up liking the show. I mean, it rips on them a lot, but in the end their spirit of wanting to help wins the day.”

I guess I will save my final judgement until I see the musical or listen to the soundtrack. Trey and Matt I am trusting you with my religion, please don't make us look too stupid, please.

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