Monday, January 24, 2011

When life gives you lemons

Does anyone ever feel like the world is just crumpling down? That everything that possibly could go wrong does. All in one day. I do and today is that day

My computer decided to be difficult. About $ 450 worth of difficult. I don't understand why!! I love my computer it is still a baby in computer years, heck it's still a baby in baby years. I kind of feel like screaming, crying and banging my head up against a wall at the same time. Why does one tiny little part cost so much money? And why is it not covered by my warranty!!

The lemonade out of all of this is that the guy who helped me at the apple store was really nice and kind of cute.

In other lemon news. I gave my self a nice shiner yesterday at work. You can also spot my lil shiner on the right side of my face

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