Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sick Day

Today I am greatful for my favorite sick day TV show... Reba, I know its a guilty pleasure. And my favorite sick day food, water because when I'm sick its the ONLY thing I want. Also I am cramming for finals and getting ready for my trip to Oklahoma next week and learning the songs that I'm singing.

I did leave the house for a quick run to Target for all of the things that a sick person needs to survive, puffs with Vicks and lotion (have you tried those, I could write a love letter to them. Hum maybe I will.) I also had run out of medicine. I was so out of it that I left my purchases at the counter and was headed out to the car with my cart full of nothing... The bag boy had to yell out "MISS you forgot your purchases." great just great now he really thinks I am going to use this Sudafed to make Meth or whatever people do with that.

Even better I had to stop by a beauty supply store to get this hair gel that the husberg likes (kinda gay I know but it makes his hair look good) the little Asian lady who was behind the counter gave me tons of free samples for my hair and face. I guess I looked really bad but hey I'm dying a slow death from the cold from you know where, but hey I got free samples.

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