Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sleep Over Part two

I love my Dad, really he is so sweet but just like all Lafons sometimes he is not the best with directions.

My Alandad drove from Norman to Oklahoma City to meet us all at Aunt Jenny's in Tulsa which is about a 2 hour drive if you are going the speed limit, but only an hour and a half if you rock it Lafon Style and drive 90 miles per hour. Dad left OKC at 3pm and arrived in Tulsa at 7:30pm why the delay you ask? Well he missed an exit and ended up in Kansas. But all is well he arrived in time for refrigerator dinner and peach cobbler.

He also brought these beauties, which if you can't tell are little birds. My Dear Grandpa used to make them to give as gifts and my Dad made some for the 10 so they can always have a little piece of him.

Lafon term of the night: Refrigerator dinner : Definition when 25 hungry people form a line and pick there dinner out of the refrigerator,you have to eat what you pick even though you may go last and only get baked beans and an egg roll. And by the end of the night the fridge must be empty. Repeat one night a week and you will always have an empty refrigerator.

P.S. I miss this guy a freaken ton ! P.P.S. Sleeping on a cot in a room with 6 other girls is super fun but this gal is so ready to come home.

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