Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I can see your Halo

Kurtis and his brothers are spending some quality time together tonight to honor their Dad. It was 22 years ago today that he died. I never knew my father in law but from what I do know about him he was a wonderful man who loved his family very much. I for one am very grateful for him because without him I would not have my husband.

So tonight the boys are playing Halo together on XBOX live, yelling at each other and talking about "assassination" I guess that means something, and in between their "kills" they will catch up on their lives, talk and bond in their own way.This I think in it's own way is a tribute to their father, his four boys getting together the best way that they can to talk, remember and have fun.

Kurtis does not have a whole lot of memories of his father, we teasure the ones we do have.e I am grateful for the ties that bind us together and for the knowledge that one day Kurtis will see his father again.

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