Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ben and Me

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So its been awhile since I posted .

And this is a love letter to my boy friend so feel free to skip down to the bottom.

Dear Ben, or Benny poo, I thought that you and I had it pretty good. We had finally confronted our respective spouses and they understood about our undying love. Well your love to make music and mine to buy it and watch reruns of the sing off so I can watch you school those other two "judges". Ben why have your forsaken me why oh why do you refuse to tour in Orange County, Los Angles or heck even California. What does Virginia have that I don't? Please come see me!

Okay that its it I'm done. In other news, there really is no other news it is wicked busy at work because it is spring break. Kurtis is cranky pants because mid terms are still going on. We have been spending lots of time talking about how much we love are dog. Is that wrong probably... But if you had a dog this cute, you would talk about her to.

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