Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are you ready?

Are you ready for the rapture?

The head honchos over at family radio have decided that the end of the word is happening this Saturday, are you ready? I know that I am not.

But this leaves some very important questions to be answered, like if Kurtis and I are "raptured" what happens to Audrey? Does she come with us? Well lucky for me and Audrey a man has set up a website to address this very problem enter Eternal Earth-Bound Pets who for a fee of $ 135 will make sure my pet is well cared for after the rapture.

Now let me be honest, I don't really believe that the rapture is going to happen this Saturday, I pan on working that night and getting up the next day to go to church. But...

If it does happen I will know that my dear puppy is well taken care of, who am I kidding I'm bringing that baby with me.
p.s. This episode of Glee is making me ball

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