Monday, July 11, 2011

Awesome not Awesome

1. Kurtis made Law Review which is a pretty big stinkin deal and should probably get its on post, but I'm way to lazy.
2.Pop Pilates, really you should check it out, I am pretty much in lurve.
3.Sonic drinks. There food pretty much sucks but I would walk 100 miles for Ocean Water.

Not Awesome.
1. Tower went down last night at about 7:30, all 3 shafts and guess who was sitting at control for 2 hours with one of the park big wigs behind them... This gal right here.
2. Seriously the power flickered then died and started killing off the other attractions in DCA and then power outages in Downtown Disney made for a really not awesome night. Cranky guests +power outages = snarky Whit

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