Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One year

Just about a year ago the hubs and I packed everything that we own including Audrey into our car and a tiny trailer and drove about 4 hours to the south to start our new life.

I remember praying with my family before we left that tiny apartment were we had lived as newlyweds and bawling when we drove by my childhood home and then bawled even more when I stopped by Roger Rocka's to say good bye to my coworkers who had been a second family to me over the last 10 years.

I was terrified and excited.

A year later I am still terrified and excited.

We have come to love our little town of Fullerton. We love Orange County and all the things that there are to do. I love my job and have a lot of exciting opportunity's there. Kurtis is kicking law schools butt. We have made so many wonderful friends I could do a whole post about all the times that they have made me laugh and cry and all the joy they have brought to my life.

Sometimes I am still homesick, for my family the theater, and me-n-ed's pizza.

This last year has had it up's and downs, there have been months when I was wondering if we could pay our rent, and we were so poor we couldn't afford a Christmas Tree, I have eaten more ramen and PB&J then I have since I was a toddler. But we have been blessed too, sometimes more then I think we deserve.

Looking back on that day that we left home, I wish I could tell that couple that everything would work out okay, that you will make great friends, find a job, and have a great park across the street. That law school is hard work but it makes your husband so happy that it is worth it. And to make sure you set money aside because the vacuum cleaner will break and Audrey will get fleas and ticks.

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