Monday, September 19, 2011

the $12 lamp

A few years ago I fell in love with a lamp at Target. I loved it, it loved me and for about a year it sat in my living room and then on my nightstand. Then one night Audrey's killer tale knocked it over and it broke, and then I cried. I cried because this lamp was beautiful and I loved it and it cost $40 which is kind of a lot for a lamp when your 21 and super broke.

Fastforward 4 years I am at Target crusing up and down the asiles and BAM! There ismy lamp with a beautiful clearance sign on it $12.42. I snatched that thing up so quick I could not believe my good luck. It got even better when I took it to the checkout and they told me that since it didn't come with a light blub I got another 20% off which made it $9 and some change. I was wondering two things 1. since when do lamps come come with light blubs and 2.Can I please get a discount for all of the other lamps that I paid for without light blubs through the years.

Anywhoo, I took my lovely lamp home and realized that I didn't have a lampshade for it. but I did have an old red one and some left over fabric.


I am very happy with the way that it turned out, I only wish that I had something I could use as a trim. I am also happy to report that my fabric flower makin skills have improved from my last lamp making project.

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