Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can I just tell you

Can I just tell you how much my husband rocks? Well he does! Kurtis has always been one of those really annoying people who never have to study for anything and still get an "A." Apparently that trend is continuing through Law School. He got his grades back and lets just say he rocked this last semester. In fact he did so well that other schools are going to try to steel him.

I guess it goes like this- at WSU if you do well they want you to stay so in order to stop you from transferring to a better rated school they will offer you all kinds of perks like study abroad or a summer fellowship.

It is true, we did think about leaving Southern California and all of its amazingness for Provo and BYU Law, but after a day we decided that California is just so much better. So Kurtis is looking at some other law schools in Southern California that are within driving distance because I'm not moving. Or maybe he will stay at WSU and see what they offer. Who knows! I am just so happy that he passed his classes and I get to have him for two more weeks before he dives back into the books for his second semester.

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