Friday, January 14, 2011

It was like camping but better

Can you believe that we have lived near the beach for almost six months now and have not had a beach bonfire?!

Well we crossed that one off of our list. Kurtis goes to school with an awesome guy named Brandon who lives in Newport Beach with his awesome wife Courtney and their two kiddo's. We drove down to there place last night for some yummy food and fun times before the boys head back to school.

We had everything that one needed for an awesome bonfire, smores blankets, flashlights and an empty beach to ourselves and a dumpster full of firewood (so glad the neighboors were working on their $19 million house)

Someday when I'm rich I want to live in Newport Beach right along the ocean. Don't worry I'll make sure to get an awesome guestroom.

The only thing that we forgot was a camera so I stole this picture from google

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