Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chicken or Beef

Sometimes a gal just needs to get all dressed up and go to a ball. So I did.

Last night was the Barristers Ball an annual event that Western State throws, there is dinner dancing , debauchery and awards. Honestly the best part was watching Kurtis's Dean show his freaky side on the dance floor.

The food was yummy and very fancy, my fillet was awesome. The location was the Los Coyotes country club they even had free valet, note to self remember to clean out all of the Taco Bell wrapers from the car before going to fancy pants country club. But hey it was free right?

The best part of the night (beside Dean Adams getting down) was Kurtis getting the Witkin award for the highest grade in Torts ! We snapped a few pictures and took the rest in the sweet photo booth that they had.

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