Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

He is risen!

Happy Easter!

I've been thinking a lot about Easter and the significance of this Holiday. For me it is so overwhelming to think that Christ Died for me, he suffered all of my sins, all of my pain and grief.Every tear that I have cried, he has as well. I am so grateful for my Savior and for his resurrection and the way that it blesses the lives of myself and my family everyday.

Okay on to the fun stuff!

I got to sing today in church with our awesome choir and hangout with my cutie pie nursery kids, I love them all so much they are such a fun bunch.

We also headed up to Costa Mesa today to spend time with family, we took a walk on the beach and took pictures with

It has been almost two years since our camera broke we have been wanting one for so long but did not have the money to get one. Kurtis got a $100 gift card for using Lexis Nexis and used that to buy me this little beauty. This also counts as my Christmas present from last Christmas because we were to poor for presents and my Valentines Day because we spent Valentines Day on a plane!

Thanks Baby your the best!

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