Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sports Weekend

I'm back from a little blogging break.

We had a lot of sports going on in out house last weekend.

Friday was golf and then over the weekend we had work softball.

Kurtis took me to the driving range on Friday afternoon, it was a lot of fun. We worked on my "athletic stance." which is "Just like a chair pose" We also worked a little of my swing, but I mostly just sat back and watched Kurtis go at it, hitting things makes him so happy.

"Give me a T- Gimme a E- gimme a A- gimme a M what does that spell TEAM"
Disney co-ed soft ball started a few weeks ago. We haven't won any games but it is a ton of fun. And so is going to TGI Fridays afterward.

I have learned a few things from my recent dive into sports
1) Softballs are not soft
2)slow pitch is very slow
3)Everything seems better if you yell at the umpire
4)It's even better if you can get the umpire to play on your team because most of the time they are really good.
5) I know what you are thinking and "No that is not cheating."

Its a good thing that I have two weeks off from softball so I can work on my batting skills.

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