Sunday, October 7, 2012

its been one week

Last Monday I went to the Doctor for a check up... after a lot of talking he began to suspect that I might have some sort of Insulin Resistance and encouraged me to try a low carb diet.  His rules are 5 days low carb and two cheat days.

I was not excited. I have never been good at dieting. My thought has always been that everything is okay in moderation. But when the Doc gives you the rules, you follow them.

Things that I have not been eating& drinking: Bread, rice, sugar, any kind of caffeine, fruits high in sugar, milk and other dairy products or anything processed for the most part.

What I have been eating: Vegetables, chicken, salad, fish, some red meat, berries, unsweetened almond milk, iced herbal tea.

What I have noticed: This is not been as hard as I thought it would be. I really don't miss the carbs, I do miss the sweets, on day 3 I did try to eat a small piece of unsweetened bakers chocolate , but it was so terrible I threw it out. The thing that I thought would be the most difficult would be the caffeine, however I haven't even really been tempted.

I have definitely noticed after my cheat days when I do eat carbs, I feel like I have less energy. Also the number on the scale has gone down by about 7 numbers. I have always had a tendencey to blackout when I stand up, and that is also gone.

All in all I think that this has been a success and Kurtis is even going to join in with me starting tomorrow.

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